In dealings between the companies and the general public involving the issuing of new securities, the investment banks are the middlemen who are called upon. Investment banks offer their investment banking services to companies which desire to issue new bonds so as to get generate funds, or in certain acquisitions, or at the time of new projects where investments have to be made.

There are several investment banking firms which includes some of the most prominent ones like JM Financial which help these companies in determining the riskiness and also the value of a particular business, venture or project. This is done so as to determine the price of the bonds or securities, to underwrite them and to sell these bonds in the market.

Another fast developing profitable line of business are the merger and acquisition companies. They increase the profits and business of these investment banks. These merger and acquisition companies like JM Financial offers their services in matters such as acquisition and the sale of companies and their assets. Some of their services include business evaluation, negotiation, pricing and other such transactions. JM Financial is one of India’s most popular and recognized financial groups, which offers a wealth of services to help develop the economy through investment banking.

These investment banks also offers other services such as underwriting securities such as stocks and bonds. This is done by initial public offerings. Generally these top investment banks buy these newly issued securities at a negotiated price and then they later on sell it to the public who are investing in it. In this manner they promote these newly issued securities to the investing public.


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